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Which are the best books for Python?

Last updated on Mar 14,2023 9.4K Views

I love technology and I love sharing it with everyone. I work... I love technology and I love sharing it with everyone. I work as a Research Analyst at edureka! Happy Learning
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Books are a great form of obtaining information as they help you grasp concepts at your own pace and you can read them in your own convenient bubble. This article brings you the top 10 best books for Python that we suggest, starting from the beginner-level breaking into domain-specific books. We also have a bonus book that we think you would love as an advanced Python developer

The article has been broken down into the following segments:

Why choose Python?

Python is a general-purpose programming language with features such as simple syntax, dynamic semantics, interpretation used to develop web applications, machine learning algorithms and more. Python is growing rapidly, amplifying its opportunities two-fold. Why would you not want to learn this wonderful language? Now you may be wondering which are the best books for Python? So let me show you the recommendations I have suitable for all skill levels. 

Beginner-Level Books

Books that are targeted at people who want to learn Python from scratch will be discussed in this section of the article. So, if you are not a seasoned programmer, we would suggest you take a look at these wonderful books and start off with learning Python.

Learning Python by Mark LutzLearning Python is another simple book which goes over the basic concepts of Python and is designed such that it targets the newbies. It goes over variables, operators, data types, and much more. The unique point about this book is that it also goes over the major differences between Python2 and Python3 and is also a really good book which we recommend if you want to learn the basics. You can download the PDF for free from this link.

‘Python Crash Course’ is a wonderful book for anybody who is looking to get started off with learning any sort of programming language or knows a bit about programming. The book has basically been divided into two parts. The first part is an introduction to the basics of Python dealing with the data types, operators, functions, loops and much more. The second part deals with projects related to web development, data visualization, game development as so on. The book also deals with powerful libraries such as NumPy, Matplotlib and many more which can help you in learning Data Science and Visualization in much depth if you want to. Overall, it is a really wonderful book designed for everybody with projects that bring out the best learning experience. Interested in the book? You can download it here.

This book is simple yet effective going over the basic topics such as data types, operators, commenting and moves over to functions, recursion, flow control in a straightforward, friendly communicative way. It has been updated to support Python3. You should go ahead with it if you are looking for a book that is communicative to its users and like the kind of writing it has to offer. You can buy this book here.

This book has been targetting students of the university level who are being introduced to the world of computer science. It goes over the basic concepts of computer science further introducing programming in the form of Python and teaches some basic projects which deal with graphics. So if you are a student at university, school or anybody who is even interested in the world of Computer Science and have no idea how to get into this space, this is the book for all of you. It helps break down the complexity of tools and programming concepts in a very simple and efficient way. Interested in the book? Go ahead and download it from here.

  • Python in a Nutshell by Alex Martelli

Python in a Nutshell is a book that deals with the basic concepts of Python and also a wonderful source of information when it comes to libraries and language references. If you are fundamentally strong in Python, you can also learn the important and more complicated concepts that this book deals with and is a book that is a complete guide for anybody who wants to improve their programming skills in Python. Interested? 

Domain-Specific Books

Once you are clear with the basics of Python, why not go ahead and learn domain-specific Python that can help you build a career. These books are targetted to help you use Python in solving real-world applications in an efficient way.

Once you are clear with the fundamentals of Python, we suggest you read this book as it goes deeper into the applications that Python can be used for. It firstly deals with Object-Oriented concepts such as Stack, Queue and many more with their implementation. Followed by the basics of GUI programming using the Tkinter module, command-line scripting which can be used to perform file processing, parallel programming and more. Internet programming where client-side network protocols can be accessed, E-Mail tools, and website implementation techniques. It also helps you access databases and building embedded applications. As you can see, the book covers a lot and serves as a perfect start to advanced Python programming. Want to buy the book? Head over here

This book is a perfect guide for anybody who is a scientist, or a data analyst or anybody who deals a lot with data as it starts out with the basics of Python and then moves deeper into teaching about data and how scientists can use Python to perform their operations quickly and efficiently. So if you are somebody who wants to learn how to use Python for scientific computation purposes and data processing, this is the book to go ahead with. Interested? Download the book here.

Python for Data Analysis is the perfect guide to help you become a Data Analyst as it teaches you the various libraries such as NumPy, Pandas which can be used to manipulate, process, clean and crunch down the data. It also provides a variety of practical case studies which help you mature in Data Analysis. It helps pave the path to using the right tools and the right methods for Data Analysis. So if you want to download this book, head over here.

This book helps you understand and develop the various Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Analysis algorithms. It goes over the various powerful libraries such as the Scikit-Learn for implementing the various Machine Learning algorithms. Following that, it also teaches you about Deep Learning using the Tensor Flow module. It also teaches you the various methods which can be used to improve the efficiency of the model you make and lastly shows you the various data analysis opportunities that you can achieve using Machine and Deep Learning. So if you are interested in this book, go over here (PAID) to buy it.

Python can be used to develop web applications rapidly and this book helps you learn in building them. It goes over the basics of the Django Framework covering the structure, views, templates and testing. Further, it also has projects such as a newspaper app with a comment section, messaging app and much more. This is the perfect book for you if you want to use Python in developing web applications. So, if you are interested in this book, head over here (PAID) to buy it.

Bonus Book

Those are the advanced books that we recommend to you if you are serious and want to build a career in Python. For those who are already a Python Developer, we have a brilliant recommendation to kick start a new opportunity for your career, CyberSecurity.

CyberSecurity is very challenging, yet one of the most satisfying careers that you can go ahead with. And the book we recommend to you is: 

  • Violent Python: A Cookbook for Hackers, Forensic Analysts, Penetration Testers and Security Engineers by TJ O’Connor

Violent Python provides you with the basics of Cyber Security. It teaches you about forensic analysis where data from RAM and other components need to be recovered using various techniques. It also teaches you about penetration testing where a red team of security engineers tries to break down the server of a client and the blue team security engineers try to find the breaking point and solve that to further better the security. If you are interested more about Cyber Security, you can go ahead and buy this book here (PAID).

That basically wraps up our recommendations to you, ranging from the beginner field all the way up to the most advanced fields. We hope you like our recommendations. Happy Learning.

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Got a question for us? Please mention it in the comments section of this “Top 10 of the Best Books in Python” blog and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Which are the best books for Python?