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What are the Best books for Hadoop?

Last updated on Jul 21,2020 3.8K Views

Ravi Kiran
Tech Enthusiast working as a Research Analyst at Edureka. Curious about learning... Tech Enthusiast working as a Research Analyst at Edureka. Curious about learning more about Data Science and Big-Data Hadoop.
5 / 5 Blog from Introduction to Hadoop

Apache Hadoop is an outstanding technology that fuels the current IT Industry. Many of the high-end data processing frameworks like Amazon S3, Apache Spark, Databricks are built on top of Hadoop. Learning Hadoop is one of the top priorities for a software engineer and there is no better place to learn than a book. So, I present to you the top 10 Best Books for Hadoop.


  1. Hadoop Definitive Guide
  2. Hadoop in 24 Hours
  3. Hadoop in Action
  4. Hadoop Real-world Solutions


  1. Pro Hadoop
  2. Optimizing Hadoop for MapReduce
  3. Hadoop Operations
  4. Scaling Big Data with Hadoop Solr
  5. Professional Hadoop Solutions
  6. Data Analytics with Hadoop



Hadoop Definitive Guide

Hadoop Definitive GuideAuthor: Tom White
Publisher: O’Reilly Media

If you are a complete Beginner, then there is no other book better than Hadoop Definitive Guide. This book guides beginners to build a reliable and easily maintainable Hadoop Configuration. It helps to work on datasets regardless of sizes and types. It has numerous assignments that help you understand Hadoop Real-time functionality in a much better way. Going through this book will help you to understand even the latest changes very easily.

Hadoop in 24 Hours

Author: Jeffrey Aven
Publisher: O’Reilly Media

In case if you already have a brief idea on Hadoop and want to have a quick recap of the technology, then this book is for you. This book gives you a perfect overview of building a functional Hadoop Platform, Interface, all Hadoop Ecosystem Components. Also if you are looking for some real-time examples, then it has the best in class Hadoop solutions ready for download.

Hadoop in Action

Author: Chuck Lam
Publisher: Manning

Hadoop in Action is like the one-stop solution to learn Hadoop from Scratch. The book basically starts from the default Hadoop installation procedures. Followed by installation, it explains about the most crucial component of Hadoop, the MapReduce. Also, the book deals with real-time applications of Hadoop and MapReduce including the major Big Data frameworks used in Data Analytics.


Hadoop Real-world Solutions

Author: Brian Femiano, Jon Lentz, Jonathan Owens,
Publisher: Packt Publishing

This book is for the intermediate learners who are looking to try out multiple approaches to resolve the problems. The book has an in-depth explanation of the concepts, problem statements, technical challenges, steps to be followed, crystal clear explanation of code used. You will also understand the procedure to build solutions using tools like Apache Hive, Apache pig, Mahout, Giraph, HDFS and many more crucial components.

Now, we shall learn about some books for experienced programmers.



Pro Hadoop

Author: Jason Venner
Publisher: Apress Publications

This book gives the readers an upgraded stage to play with Hadoop. The Hadoop Clusters, this book covers every single detail related to Hadoop Clusters, starting from setting up a Hadoop cluster to analyzing and deriving valuable information for improvising business and scientific research. You can understand to solve the real-time Big Data problems using the MapReduce way by dividing the problem into multiple chunks and distribute chunks across the cluster and solve it parallelly in a short time.

Optimizing Hadoop for MapReduce

Author: Khaled Tannir
Publisher: Packt Publishing

This book is all about solving the major loopholes in real-time applications of Hadoop and MapReduce. This book majorly concentrates on the Optimization process of MapReduce Jobs. The basically starts from the introduction of MapReduce and then it takes-off to the real-time applications of MapReduce and gives us an in-depth understanding of MapReduce so that we could tune the code for maximum performance.


Hadoop Operations

Author: Eric Summers
Publisher: O’Reilly Media

The necessity for managing operation-specific data has grown exponentially and Hadoop has become the standard solution for all the Big Data problems. Processing these large-scale industry level problems require a whole new different level of approach and Hadoop Cluster configuration. This book exactly explains the same and gives you a brief on managing large scale Datasets and Hadoop Clusters.

Scaling Big Data with Hadoop Solr

Author: Hrishikesh Karambelkar
Publisher: Packt Publishing

This book is all about Big Data Enterprise search engine with the help of Apache Hadoop and Solr. Together, Apache Hadoop and Apache Solr have come up with an approach to help organizations to deal with their Big Data and resolve the problem of information extraction through its amazing solution that has extraordinary faceted search capabilities. This book gives a complete briefing about the same.

Professional Hadoop Solutions

Author: Boris Lubinsky, Kevin T. Smith, Alexey Yakubovich
Publisher: Wrox Publications
This book is for the advanced or professional level Hadoop developers. This book deals with one concept, to increase the power and maximize the capability of Hadoop. The crucial responsibility of Hadoop Developers and Hadoop Architects is to understand the compatibility between the Hadoop Frameworks and Hadoop APIs and how to integrate them to provide optimized performance and deliver real-time solutions.

Data Analytics with Hadoop

Author: Benjamin Bengfort, Jenny Kim
Publisher: O’Reilly Media

In recent days, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are taking over and Hadoop is nowhere giving up the race. It is constantly trying to integrate itself with Data Science. Hadoop framework has now become the standard for Data Analytics. This book is the perfect guide to understand Data Warehousing Techniques and Higher-order workflows that Hadoop can perform in the process of Data Analytics.

With this, we come to the end of this article. I hope I have thrown some light on to your knowledge on the Best Books for learning Hadoop along with all the detailed descriptions of each book.

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If you have any query related to this “Best Books for learning Hadoop” article, then please write to us in the comment section below and we will respond to you as early as possible.

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What are the Best books for Hadoop?