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Best Android Project Competition: Winner Announcement!

Last updated on Jun 06,2019 2.4K Views

First of all, Bravo Edureka students! You all did a great job creating some awesome Android Projects. It would have been really tough for us to choose the best ones, had we done it ourselves. Good thing, we called in expert reinforcements!

However, the evaluation was mind-boggling for experts too. This illustrates just how many brilliant Android Projects were created during this exercise.  So, a big (virtual) round of applause for yourselves, people!

Before we make the much-awaited announcement, don’t you want to know how the review process actually worked? Here we go:

1) Each Android project was sent to three industry experts for evaluation. After all we did need an impartial opinion.

2) Here’s a list of factors the experts paid attention to:

  • The User Experience: An Android application with a User friendly interface would definitely be better rated than a more complicated one. The experts thought so too, and made their decision accordingly.
  • The Utility: Great User Experience, but no real utility; would that work? Not really! Everything that wants to add a value, must serve a purpose. (PS: Entertainment is a purpose too :))
  • Functional Correctness
  • Design
  • Popular Acceptance

3) Each student had an interview with an industry expert, and their performance in that interview also played an important part in the main evaluation process.

4) During the final evaluation of the Android Projects, 50% weightage was given to the experts’ reviews, 30% to public review and 20% to the interview.

Now that you are familiar with the evaluation process, let us announce the winners without any further ado!

Android Project competition winner

The 2nd prize is a tie between Gurpreet Singh and Mayank Sinha (Both belong to ABES Engineering College, Gaziabad). Mayank and Gurpreet built Shopping Cart Applications for Android. Here is a walk-through of their Android projects:

also the 2nd project…

And finally unveiling the most awaited name: Prashant Jain (from GLA University) is the winner of the Android Project competition. The application was a huge public hit, and has been downloaded more than 10,000 times already in Google Play Store.

The winners would be given Flipkart e-vouchers. Congratulations winners! We would like to congratulate other students as well for completing their Android projects successfully. As already mentioned; the competition was a really close one.

And, now that you have a hang of it, keep those cool applications coming!

Happy Learning!

Got a question for us? Mention them in the comments section and we will get back to you.

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Best Android Project Competition: Winner Announcement!