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AWS Solution Architect Salary in India [Updated 2024]

Last updated on Jan 09,2024 1.4K Views

AWS Solution Architect Salary in India

An entry-level AWS solution architect in India will earn about  ₹8.8lakh per year. A middle-level professional can expect to make roughly  ₹13,86,744 per year, while a fully seasoned professional can expect to earn more than ₹24,67,543 per year. People who seek professions as AWS architects or developers have a bright future ahead of them, not just in terms of pay but also in terms of professional advancement. There is no limit to how much money you can make as you grow acclimated to the work, get more experience, and learn the tricks of the trade. In this blog you will understand the AWS salary with below topics

Average Annual Salary by Experience

Salary based on experience AWS Solution Architect income in India from 2 years to 14 years of experience ranges from around 3.7 Lakhs to 27.0 Lakhs. In India, the National average salary for an AWS Solution Architect is around ₹ 7 -8 lakh.

Top Skills for AWS Solution Architects

To become a Solution Architect on AWS, you must first master a variety of skills. Cloud computing, DevOps, Design Pattern, Java, Linux, PAAS, Solution Design, Troubleshooting,. Net, Access Management, Analytical Ability, and other skills are required. Let’s have a look at the qualifications for becoming an AWS Solution Architect.

TOp skills needed for a AWS architect


Cloud Computing

Responsibilities Knowledge of important AWS services such as EC2, S3, and others. Proven expertise in assessing client workloads and the technological landscape for cloud readiness, as well as developing business cases and a roadmap for cloud adoption. A proven understanding of the AWS platform and tools Experience creating novel architectures and the ability to drive a project from an architectural position are required. 


Experience with Linux-based infrastructure, Excellent command of Python, Database setup, and administration. Configuration and managing databases No SQL and SQL Choosing and implementing suitable CI/CD tools, Knowledge of Gitlab, SonarQube, Python, Selenium, Docker, and Kubernetes are required.

Design Patterns

  • Excellent understanding of Object Oriented Programming Principles and Design Patterns
  • Java experience and competency are required.
  • An understanding of Spring Boot, client-side technologies, and database principles would be advantageous.
  • It is preferable to have some familiarity with Rest Web Services.
  • Knowledge of SAPUI5 and xsjs is also beneficial.
  • Experience with cloud software development


  • Good programming knowledge in PYTHON with object-oriented principles and any standard test framework (like pytest, unittest etc)
  • – Extensive understanding of web application automation tools/packages (like selenium or other alternatives)
  • – Excellent experience with various testing procedures QA experience – hands-on experience with various tools – Testing software, version control systems (Git), test management software, bug tracking software, and continuous integration tools (Jenkins etc.)


  • Fundamental knowledge of Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes principles.
  • Awareness of Unix/Linux internals and a desire to solve system engineering challenges
  • Exposure to one or more hyperscalar infrastructure layers (AWS/ Azure/ GCP/ Openstack/ VMware, for example).

Solution Design

Should have experience with developing logical and physical security architectures for on-premises and cloud-based security systems. Create a solution blueprint for the security solution in response to the requirements. Understanding of RFP technical requirements, Service Level Agreements, resourcing, delivery deadlines, and so on.

Analytical Ability

  • To satisfy the desired degree of accuracy and productivity, complete audit duties in accordance with pre-defined processes, rules, and SOPs.
  • Exhibit outstanding time management and problem-solving abilities.
  • Check product information thoroughly to guarantee data accuracy and completeness.
  • Analyze data and uncover new trends/patterns to improve company performance.

Access Management 

  • Should have knowledge of Agile Scrum principles. Retrospective/task meeting
  • Relative estimates and story-based development have been demonstrated.
  • Capable of conducting Iteration/Sprint Planning Meetings and Dispute Resolution.
  • Strong background in business analysis planning and monitoring, enterprise analysis, requirement management, and communication.       
  • Provide objective advice free of personal or political bias.
  • Extensive experience deploying agile approaches in a variety of cultures and contexts.

AWS Solution Architect Job Description

Let’s take a look at some of the job descriptions for AWS Solution Arch professionals advertised by renowned firm recruiters based on the qualifications we covered previously.

Job description AWS solution architect

Job description AWS solution architect

Solution architect edureka

AWS Solution Architecture Jobs roles and Salary

According to LinkedIn, there are over 11,000+ AWS Solution Architect job openings in India.

So, these are some of the most popular AWS Solution Architect Job profiles among recruiters. 

  Job RolesSalary
Solution Architect 10 LPA
AWS DevOps Engineer 6.1LPA
Solution Integrator 6.3 LPA
AWS Cloud Engineer 5.8 LPA
AWS Engineer 5.1 LPA
Associate Solution Architect 12 LPA
Technical Solution Architect10.8 LPA
Senior Solution Architect 29 LPA


Companies Hiring AWS Solution Architect :

Let’s take a look at some of the top IT firms that are seeking for AWS Solution Architects and their compensation packages. 

Companies hiring AWS architect

AWS Solution Architect Career Path

Learn how to develop your skills and education to advance yourself to become an AWS Solution Architect,  and what salary to expect at each stage of your career path.

AWS career path


  1. Learn the necessary skills

You should have the relevant abilities if you want to work as an AWS Solution Architect. Learn about the essential skills. Develop the necessary skills and expertise. Most significantly, you must be familiar with cloud computing. You should also be well-versed in role-specific skills such as design patterns, solution design, virtualization, and networking. Learn more about Migrating to AWS and its framework from the AWS Cloud Migration Training.

  1. Get Certified

AWS Solution Architect certification Training is regarded as one of the most popular and profitable cloud certifications in the IT industry worldwide. Official AWS Architect certification is required to demonstrate your skills to prospective employers and clients. Earning the certification allows you to demonstrate your knowledge in the subject of AWS Solution Architect Training. You should take the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam to start your career as an AWS Solution Architect. SAA-C02.

  1. Work with Real-life Projects

Finding and working on real-world project ideas is the best method to practice your new skills.

Working on real-world projects and doing hands-on training will educate you on how to build and support AWS environments, as well as design and develop AWS cloud-based systems utilizing cloud native technologies.

In-depth knowledge of cloud architecture and the ability to advise/work on end-to-end cloud infrastructure There are various career opportunities in AWS Solution Architect, as applicants join an ever-expanding cloud platform that is also seeing tremendous success.

If you want to learn about AWS in detail then I suggest you watch this video:

AWS Tutorial For Beginners | Edureka

In this article, you will get an idea about the AWS architects salary and skills needed to become an AWS solution architect. Do check out Edureka AWS Solution Architect Certification Training Course  Edureka’s AWS Certification is crafted by industry experts to meet the needs and demands of the business. This Amazon Web Services training will assist you in passing the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate test. SAA-C02 You will be able to build and deploy safe and resilient apps with AWS using Edureka’s instructor-led courses. This AWS solutions architect certification will assist you in determining which Amazon Web Services are ideal for your database, network, storage, cost optimization, computation, and security needs.

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AWS Solution Architect Salary in India [Updated 2024]