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AWS Salary: How Much Does An AWS Professional Make?

Last updated on Dec 23,2021 11.5K Views

Vishal is a technology enthusiast working as a Research Analyst at Edureka.... Vishal is a technology enthusiast working as a Research Analyst at Edureka. He has expertise in domains like Big data, Machine Learning,Statistical Analysis and...
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In my previous articles, I talked about why one should choose Cloud Computing as a career?The Domain is at its peak and AWS is one of the best Cloud Service Vendors in the market. That being said AWS Jobs also ensure higher paychecks. This article focuses on AWS Salary in particular and answers most of the questions that revolve around this topic. 

The reasons consolidating the AWS Adoption Trend and thus make Cloud Engineering and AWS Solutions Architect Course, a sought-after career.

AWS Salary

Let me throw in some numbers to keep you engaged before we move any further. When it comes to an average AWS Salary, it ranges from $170k  to $180k and can go as high as $201k+ according to ZipRecruiter. Now that I have your attention, let us take a look at some statistics that relate to AWS Professional Salary.

Cloud and AWS Adoption Trends

According to IDC, almost half of ‘IT spend’ will be cloud-based by 2019. By 2020, the spending will be 60-70% inclusive of all software, services and technology. This should give you a picture as to what is expected of Cloud Computing and AWS in a couple of years.

As per Forbes, 83% Of Enterprise Workloads Will Be In The Cloud By 2020.

The image below (credit: Forbes) gives you a statistic that predicts the market share of popular cloud service providers by 2020:

Cloud Share By Forbes - AWS Salary - EdurekaAWS without a doubt is the most sort after skills in the current market. So what could be the reason for this peak in numbers? Well these are some of the notable ones:

  •  Flexibility in resource utilization
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Lower risk
  • Data integrity and security
  • Streamlined collaboration


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Let us continue with the AWS Salary article and take a look at salaries offered in different circumstances:

Salaries Offered By Some Major Recruiters

So are there any major companies hiring AWS professionals? Here is a List of Average Salaries for some major recruiters in US as per and numbers do point towards high payscales (Please note the list below is a tentative list and there would be other companies that may end up paying more and arent a part of this list):

CompaniesAverage Salary
Microsoft$150,460 Per Year
Teradata$142,943 per year
Amazon$135,000 Per year
Deloitte$120,000 per year
Microsoft Cloud Engineer$114,986 per year

Salaries As Per Job Roles

Let us also take a look at some of the roles concerning AWS Cloud Computing and the concerned AWS salary. There are quite a few roles that you may take up as an AWS professional. However, here is a list of some major ones as per Paycscale:

Job RoleAverage Salary
Solutions Architect$170,140
DevOps Engineer$137,000
SyOps Engineer$108,047

Salaries As Per Location

Now let us take a look at how much do these salaries vary across different locations. Here is a list of AWS Professional Salaries by location in US by

Location (US) Average Salary
AWS Professional in New York, NY
$139,440 per year
AWS Professional in Boston, MA
$124,000 per year
AWS Professional in Chicago, IL
$121,718 per year
AWS Professional in Atlanta, GA
$116,019 per year
AWS Professional in Austin, TX
$115,084 per year

Let us also consider major Indian states that hire AWS Professionals and see the average salary offered as per Payscale

Location (State)Average Salary
KarnatakaRs. 1,300,000 – 18,00,000
MaharashtraRs. 1,600,000
Tamil NaduRs. 1,300,000

Job Vacancies As Per Indeed

Below is the list of Job vacancies as per (Please not these are vacancies registered on Indeed. There are other Job Posting websites, so the actual number should be very high)

 Location Job Vacancies
Seattle, WA4991
San francisco2188
New York, NY2939
Herndon, VA1151
Chicago, IL1223

The number for AWS professionals for Indian IT Industry as per are as follows:

LocationJob Vacancies

Please not these numbers may not be the exact replication of actual openings as India is a big market and has various websites with job postings distributed among them.

Salaries Based on Experience

Another important pointer is, the relevant experience a candidate holds, the salary again may vary from organisation to organisation. That is why let us take a look at the number of job posting on to see how does the spread look like:

ExperienceJob Postings (US)

I believe we have covered all the bases that may concern an AWS Salary especially the ones, I wanted you to focus on. This brings us to the end of this article on ‘AWS Salary’. I hope this article helped you clarify all your doubts and I hope you have a clearer perspective and understanding on the subject. If you wish to get started with AWS and are looking for a structured approach then Edureka’s AWS Training in Arlington is specially curated to meet your needs.  

If you do have queries, put those in the comment section below, so we can reply to you at the earliest

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AWS Salary: How Much Does An AWS Professional Make?