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Top 20 Artificial Intelligence project ideas for Beginners

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Dhruv Pandey
Dhruv is a technology enthusiast working as a Research Analyst at Edureka.... Dhruv is a technology enthusiast working as a Research Analyst at Edureka. He has expertise in domains like Data Science & Cloud.

Artificial Intelligence is a technique that enables machines to mimic human behavior. It is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. So based on all these features, we have curated the top 20 Artificial Intelligence Project ideas which are ideal for beginners. If this sounds intriguing, do read the blog till the very end.

  1. Chatbot
  2. Music Recommendation App
  3. Stock Prediction
  4. Social Media Suggestion
  5. Identify inappropriate language and hate speech
  6. Lane line detection while driving
  7. Monitoring crop health
  8. Medical diagnosis
  9. AI powered Search engine
  10. AI powered cleaning robots
  11. House security
  12. Handwritten notes recognition
  13. Loan Eligibility Prediction
  14. Face filter using facial detection
  15. E commerce recommendation engine
  16. Detecting fake products
  17. Facial Emotion Recognition
  18. AI Healthengine
  19. Trying on online clothes and accessories
  20. Spam email identification

1). Chatbot: A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software that can be used to start a conversation with a user through websites, mobile apps, calls, or messaging applications. Chatbots are increasingly becoming popular. Many of the company’s websites use chatbots to communicate with their customers, it’s used in almost all fields, be it education, medicine, Information Technology, and even banking websites, now having chatbots. For eg, EVA by HDFC bank. Now, if you’re a beginner, then you can program a simple version of a chatbot. There are many chatbots available online. Just learn from them, identify the basic structure and then build your own chatbots using the structure. You can then enhance it using your creativity and make it better.

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2). Music Recommendation App: Due to AI, music recommendation app which can also be known as music recommendation engines makes it quicker and easier to show music recommendations that are tailored to each user’s interests and preferences.

So how does this work? First, it collects all the data: what are the songs that the users listen to the most, what is the genre of the song, and which language is the song the user listens. Next, it stores all these data and analyses. It then recommended songs from a similar genre and the same language and the songs whose ratings are high. You would have seen this in apps like Spotify or wynk, where they have an entire section on songs recommended for you. So they use AI to make this recommendation engine. You can program this music recommendation app by learning from some online blogs or watching YouTube videos.

3). Stock Prediction: Now, many people invest in stocks, and they need a stock predictor in order for them to know when to buy the stocks. Now, it is not possible to predict what will happen in the future, but we can make estimations and informed forecasts based on the data we have in the present and past regarding the stocks. This is known as Technical Analysis, which is used to predict the stock’s price direction, will the value of the stock increase or decrease after a particular time. So, for your projects, you can create an application that analyses the trends and the stock market and offers data-driven insights. You can start off by keeping your stock prediction cycle small and then go on and try for higher values and insights. Also, if you design a good stock prediction application, there will be a great value & demand for such systems, and will make your career.

4). Social Media Suggestion: AI is being used in most of the popular social media networks that we use on a day-to-day basis. For example, Facebook uses AI and advanced machine learning to serve you all the content based on your preferences and to recognize people’s faces in photos, so you can tag them and also target users for the right advertisement. Also, Instagram which is now owned by Facebook uses AI to identify visuals. Next, LinkedIn uses AI to offer job recommendations based on your qualifications and interest, it suggests people to connect with, this also happens in Facebook. Next, Snapchat uses AI technology, to track your facial features and add filters that move with your face in real-time.

So, these were just some examples of how social media uses AI. So, you can create a project which can do any of the following tasks, like suggest the users to connect with people they might know, suggest to them some content they might like to watch or suggest some products they might be interested in and so on.

5). Identify inappropriate language and hate speech: Now, this is a project which sounds easy, but it is quite hard to identify all the hate speeches and inappropriate language. There are many companies who are trying to create this system such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. So, for this project, you can use detection techniques that identify the character in a context and then compare it to content that’s already been removed as hate speech. Now, usually, this would be used for identifying any hate speech in any post(like Facebook or Twitter posts). So, design an AI system that looks into things like the text in a post, the reactions and comments to the post, and how closely it matches common phrases of hate speech. Also, if it contains at least one inappropriate word, then identify those words and report them.

6). Lane line detection while driving: Now, many of you know that self-driving cars are gaining a lot of popularity. Now, as a beginner, it would be very hard to design this, but you can design a part of it which is lane line detection while driving. This Lane line detection technique is used in many self-driving autonomous vehicles as well as line-following robots.

So you can use computer vision techniques and AI to teach the vehicle to go in a particular lane. You can use computer vision techniques such as colour thresholding to detect the lanes, so usually the lanes are colored in white colour and usually, there are double lanes in the middle of the road which separate the directions the vehicle runs in. Then there is usually one white line at the end of the road after which is the edge of the road. Usually, with all this data, you can design an AI-powered system that detects lane lines.

7). Monitoring crop health: Artificial Intelligence is being increasingly adopted as a part of the agriculture industry’s evolution. Using AI, you can perform predictive analytics to determine: what is the right date for sowing the seeds to obtain maximum yield after the previous harvest,  get insights on the crop health, soil health, the fertilizer recommendations and also the next 7-day weather forecast. You can create a project which uses AI to monitor the health of the crop and check for diseases, by using various images of plants that had the same diseases. So, when a user collects the image of the plants it will be matched with images that are already stored and then diagnosis the particular disease and then maybe even provide a intelligent spraying technique and treatment automatically

8). Medical diagnosis: AI is being used in the medical industries  for layering risk, identifying hotspots in chronic disease, and accounting for the social determinants of health.

For your project, you can use AI to develop a software that can be programmed to accurately spot signs of a certain disease in medical images such as MRIs, x-rays, and CT scans. For example, you can design a system that uses AI for cancer diagnosis by processing photos of skin lesions. This can be very helpful to diagnose patients more accurately and also prescribe the most suitable treatment.

9). AI powered Search engine: Design a search engine which is powered by AI which will scan billions of content available in the web and match the exact search sentences or keywords and will show the relevant information, images, videos, text and other documents. You can also use a ranking algorithm that will rank the content for a particular keyword based on various factors like the engagement rate i.e, for how long did the user spend his/her time on the website, is the content from a reliable website and so many factors. You can refer to some online blogs or watch some videos to get started. Also, for this project, you need to know a little bit about networks and how the data passes on the internet from one place to another.

10). AI powered cleaning robots: Today’s AI-powered robots possess no natural general intelligence, but they are capable of solving problems and thinking in a limited capacity. You can design a robot that uses artificial intelligence to clean a room by scanning the room size, identifying obstacles and remembering the most efficient routes for cleaning. For starters, you can design a robot that does only one of these things, then enhance it until it can effectively clean the room.

11). House security:  So for this project, you can design a system which uses AI to scan and identify the face of the visitor. First the facial structure of the family members or someone who frequently visits the house can be scanned and stored. So, every time a visitor comes near the gate, the system can scan the face and if it matches the existing facial structure that is stored in the database, it can open the door and allow the person to pass, else gate can remain shut and the people living in the house could be notified that a person is waiting outside.

12). Handwritten notes recognition: Handwriting character recognition refers to the computer’s ability to detect and interpret alphabets and numbers. These inputs could be from various sources like paper documents, notes on phone, photos and other sources. Note that handwriting characters remain complex since different individuals have different handwriting styles. So you can develop a system that uses AI to scan the handwritten notes and convert them into digital format. You can use an artificial neural network, which is a field of study in artificial intelligence to design this system.

13). Loan Eligibility Prediction: One of the major problems the banking sectors face is the increasing rate of loan defaults, so the employees find it difficult to decide who they should give loans to and who not to. Even if they do give, what are the chances of the person returning the loan amount?

So to solve this problem, You can use AI to design a program that predicts whether an individual should be given a loan by assessing various attributes like their salary, their previous loans details(did he pay all the installments on time) and many more and then notify whether or not to approve the loan. This can make the process easier of selecting suitable people from a given list of candidates who applied for a loan.

14). Face filter using facial detection: This is a very interesting project. You design a system that scans the face of the users and then add filters. So the system uses AI to recognise a few of the facial features, like eyelids, cheekbones, jawline, nose bridge etc. and then based on these calculations, it then add filters. Now, this project is inspired from Snapchat which also uses AI to identify the user’s faces and then add a filter.

15). E commerce recommendation engine: Have you ever liked any clothing item on any e-commerce website, and then you see the same clothing item in the ads of some website or on social media. AI is responsible for this.
In this project, you can build an E commerce recommendation engine using the similarity among the background information of the items or users to propose recommendations to users. So, for example if the user has searched for apple phones, then you can design a recommendation engine that recommends apple phones to the user. Or you can identify trends and patterns in previous and other user-item interactions and advise similar recommendations to a present user based on his existing interactions. So, for example, if the person has bought a formal shirt, then you can design your recommendation engine, to recommend more formal clothing and accessories

16). Detecting fake products: There are many duplications happening for different products. So design a system which uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze the product and determine if it is authentic or not. Unlike humans, machines can analyze minutest of inconsistencies or faults in shape, colour, texture, size and many more. They can calculate all these and analyze if the product is fake or not. This accuracy will be based on numbers of images and data of the original product, it will then compare and detect the fake ones.

17). Facial Emotion Recognition: Now, everything that’s happening in a sci-fi movie, could be our future. There are a variety of fields where Artificial Intelligence is used. One such area of interest is detecting human emotions. There are many top companies investing a lot of money in doing this. So, you can design a facial emotion detection and recognition system that can be used to identify human facial expressions. So for this, first the system would have to analyze the facial expression for some time and then perform facial feature extraction and classify the facial expression. For starters, you can design the system to identify only one expression, maybe just happy or normal. Then you can enhance it and try different emotions.

18). AI Healthengine: Create a project that will use AI to give personalized health guidance to a user. The user must provide all their medical reports and based on that, the AI system will check for any pre-existing conditions, ongoing health concerns, and gaps in general health knowledge. Then the health engine could combine both these personal details and external health data to provide informed advice to the user. It can also help users with prescription support, vaccination advice, recommended doctor visits, and specific condition guidance.

19). Trying on online clothes and accessories: Now, you would have already heard about this feature, if you ever visited the lenskart app, here you can design an AI system that takes the input images and computes the person’s body model, representing their pose and shape. The segments are then selected on which the dresses are going to be displayed on, like for eg, a shirt on the body, gloves for hands, and so on and then when the user selects a particular dress, the system can combine them with the body model and update the image’s shape representation.

20). Spam email identification: Spam detection means detecting unsolicited emails by identifying the text content of the email. So for the project, create an artificial neural network to detect and block spam emails and also ensure that the user only receives notifications regarding the emails that are crucial to them. You can also enhance this by tuning it to user preferences. For example newsletters or updates that one person likes, will be disliked by someone else, so include features that will filter the email based on individual user preferences.

If you wish to learn AI in detail then I suggest you watch this YouTube video:

Artificial Intelligence Tutorial for Beginners | Edureka


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