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Android vs iOS : Which one is better?

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Android vs iOS, the face-off between the two leading platforms for Application Development. This article will be your guide in choosing which platform to work on depending on your organization.

I’ll be discussing these topics:

Let’s get started!

Market Share

When you talk about application development, Android and iOS lead the line. This is because of their popularity, efficiency and customer satisfaction. More likely, Android and iOS are like two faces of the same coin.

Talking about the market share, Google’s Android holds close to 88% of the market share which might seem like a better choice, but can you ignore the high monetization prospects that Apple’s iOS platform offers? The first simple solution that you can think of would be, to develop both platforms simultaneously, but not every company has a budget for that.

Android and iOS market share- Android vs iOS-Edureka

Source: StatCounter

You can see Android leads in the section of Mobile Development.

Android and iOS Demography-Android vs iOS-Edureka

You can also see the Demography of this visualize the number of customers using Android and iOS and Android leads with a solid  74.45%. This is way too massive. 

Now, let’s take a look at the parameters to compare Android and iOS.

Parameters to compare

The following are the parameters which I’ll be considering in order to compare Android and iOS.

  • Development Complexity
  • Cost
  • Programming language
  • Security
  • Speed

Now, let’s understand the major differences between these two.

Android vs iOS

Development ComplexityHighLow
CostCosts more due to higher testing periodCosts less
Programming languageJava and KotlinRequire Objective C or Swift for Native development
SecurityNot very secureHighly secured
SpeedFaster mean download Much faster than Android

Which platform is superior?

Choosing the right platform for application development depends on the user. Although the user has the vision of selecting the one which is more suitable for the organization. There may be a lot of Android users but the quality and the resistance that iOS offers can never be matched. So, know what you are developing to choose the right platform. There is nothing much superior when it comes to choosing the right platform.

Android has its own advantages and iOS has its own advantages. So, make sure you select the perfect one.

With this, we come to the end of this article on “Android vs iOS”. I hope you guys are clear with the topics discussed.

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Have any queries? Don’t forget to mention them in the comments of this “Android vs iOS” blog. We will get back to you.


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Android vs iOS : Which one is better?