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Android Project : PNR Status Enquiry

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PNR Enquiry : – This android project is available at Google Play store and is ranked amongst the top apps in transportation category.
By: Prashant Jain, GLA University

If you are not clear with the basic concepts of Android, please attend this Android Course.

A walk-through of the basic Android coding used to develop this application has been shown in the video. There are two activities and three other Java classes in the application. There have been more than 10,000 downloads of this Android app, and has excellent reviews on Google Play.

Android Development is one of the most sought after specializations in Indian technical job market. Companies like Samsung easily offer jobs to technology graduates well versed in android programming. Therefore if you wish for a career in Android programming, or Android Application development, then in addition to an engineering degree, it would help if you take an additional Android course.

Edureka‘s online course provides an opportunity to learn the basics of Android Development in 6 weeks. In the first week you would learn the fundamentals of Android development, including creating basic Java applications, implementing conditions and loops, and creating and improving a Java class. During the second week of your Android development classes, you’d move forward into Android programming. Now, you would create a ‘Hello World’ application as well.

Third week would push you into deeper concepts of creating an android application. During the fourth week, you’d be taught about the Android widgets, like creating and adding toggle buttons, check boxes, radio buttons and spinners etc. During the fifth week, you’d create an application with multiple activities. You’ll also learn how to communicate between different activities during this week. During the sixth and final week of your Android programming course, you’d learn how to store and retrieve information internally and externally, and from the web. You’d also learn how to play audio and video in your cool Android application. Therefore by the end of the six weeks, you’d build your own cool android application, just like our students here.

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Happy Learning!

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