Published on Feb 22,2017
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Fashion Project based on Android

In this video we get to see the shopping application designed by Sucharitha Chintha as part of the Android Development Course.  The first page includes the company’s logo and different product categories such as Apparel, Accessories and Shoes. The ‘Lets Shop’ button takes to the second screen which has two spinners.

The first one lets the user choose the category and the second one shows the list of products available under the category. The categories include Apparel, Accessories and Shoes. As we choose the category, it changes the list of products available under the spinner which includes products like Blush Belt, Crystal Earrings, Red Pendant and Butterfly Tote Bag.

As we choose the Butterfly Tote Bag, it gives the picture and price of the product. The item can be added by clicking on ‘Add to Cart’ button which will then give us options such as ‘Continue Shopping’ and ‘Check out’. Once the former option is chosen, another product ‘Red Tunic’ is added to the cart and we ‘Check out’. It will then ask for details like ‘Name’, ‘Email address’, ‘Date-of-Purchase’ and the ‘Name of the Sales Person’. Once the details are keyed in, the purchase is finalized. The final screen will have all the details relevant to the transaction. ‘Restart the System’ option will take us back to the same screen where another purchase can be initiated by a new customer.

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Published on Feb 22,2017

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