Published on Dec 09,2015
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The aim of my project is to provide a user friendly application where people can easily buy the books using their mobile Phones. Proposed system is fully automated which strive to provide better services to the customer. They can visit the application and login to their accounts.

If you are not clear with the basic concepts of Android, please attend this Android Course.

About Me :

Name : Suraj Shukla
Profession : Student (Pursuing B.Tech 4th year)
College :  Institute of Information Technology and Management
Place : Gwalior(Madhya Pradesh)
Branch : Information Technology

Widgets Used :

The widgets which I used in my projects are:-

1)    EditTexts.
2)    TextViews.
3)    Buttons.
4)    ProgressBar.
5)    GridView.
6)    ScrollView.
7)    Gallery.
8)    RatingBar.

Details of Activities :

First of all user have to login with their User-id and Password in first activity and if he doesn’t have an Id then he need to sign up in the Second activity.

Android Project - Online Book Portal Image 2

After registering, user can choose any book category in the Third Activity.  After selecting book category user will be redirected to the Fourth Activity in which he can select any book.

After selecting a book user will be able to see his cart list in the Fifth Activity. He can also add more items by going back.

In Sixth Activity user can see the details of his purchasing. User can pay for his purchase in the Seventh Activity. After that user can logout from the application or if user wants then he can also go for purchasing more books.

Android Project - Online Book Portal Image 3

User can also see the details of this application in About us Activity. If in case user forgot his password then user can recover it in Recover Password Activity. After providing some details user password will be sent to user’s phone number.

[dl url=”#” class=’eModal eModal-22′ title=”Download Code-1″ desc=”” type=”” align=”” for=”download”]

[dl url=”#” class=’eModal eModal-23′ title=”Download Code-2″ desc=”” type=”” align=”” for=”download”]

[dl url=”#” class=’eModal eModal-24′ title=”Download Code-3″ desc=”” type=”” align=”” for=”download”]

[dl url=”#” class=’eModal eModal-25′ title=”Download Code-4″ desc=”” type=”” align=”” for=”download”]

Happy Learning!

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