Published on Feb 06,2014
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Okay folks, so we finished our first month coaching an amazing bunch, and we are nothing less than ecstatic. The response to Edureka’s courses has been overwhelming. Now, we know we are still only commencing the journey, but the take-off has been remarkable, all thanks to you guys!

Our readers’ and students’ response to our courses have made this month delightful, so here’s us telling you what you helped us achieve in the rush of August:

1)      Website Visits: More than 10,000 awesome people caught a glance of what we have to offer by giving us a virtual visit. :)

2)      Total Enrollments: There were over 950 enrollments across 3 courses: C, Aptitude skills and Android development training. It’s amazing to see just how many people love to learn and develop new skills. Kudos learners! Keep the curiosity alive.

3)      Most preferred course: Android emerged as the undisputed champion of the three, with over 45% of total student enrollments. Good going guys! Android is ‘The One’ that would land you your dream job.

4)      Number of batches started: Our biggest achievement so far; we managed to kick-start not one, but two batches of online Android classes. We take the most pride in this, because let’s face it, we are here to teach, and boy do we love it!

This is not it; Edureka’s students have started making amazing Android applications (with a little help from us here and there :)). For instance, check out this Android app to check PNR status made by a student. has already become widely popular, and is within the 10,000 to 50,000 download bracket in Google Play Store.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than being able to teach something new to someone, and we swear by it. Another thing we love is a lifetime of learning, so keep those suggestions coming.

Keep spreading the love people!

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Neha Sharma
Published on Feb 06,2014

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