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An Introduction to PMBOK® Guide

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PMBOK® Guide is a “distilled version” of Project Management body of knowledge and it coexists with the corresponding application area knowledge, general management skills and interpersonal skills.

PMBOK® guide is a standard, which does not talk about a particular methodology, like Agile or PRINCE2® and so on. It gives a slightly higher level overview of Project Management, in which it proposes 47 processes, which are supposed to be the best practices in Project Management that are needed to be applied for the project to be successful.

The PMBOK® Guide has been published by PMI and it takes inputs from practitioners and academics.

As mentioned above, PMBOK® Guide is a distilled version, and the important thing that it has put through is, there is an overlap between the application area knowledge, general management skills and interpersonal skills. It implies that they are not exclusive to each other, or are not standing alone, instead they intersect each other.

The PMBOK Guide has been organized into 3 sections, which are:

1. The Project Management Framework

  • Introduction
  • Organizational Influence and Project Life Cycle

2. The standard for Project Management of a Project

  • Project Management Process Groups (includes 5 process groups)
  • Project Management processes for a project (47 processes)

3. The Project Management Knowledge Areas

  • 10 Distinctive Knowledge Areas

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