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What are Important Advantages and Disadvantages Of Python?

Last updated on Mar 14,2023 6.5K Views

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Let us dive into one more article in this ongoing series on Python. In this article we will see what are the advantages and disadvantages of python. Clearly advantages are far more outweighed than disadvantages which we will see eventually.

The complete article has been divided into following categories to make the most of the article:

Lets begin!

Applications of Python:

Creating GUI based desktop applets.

Using libraries like Tkinter, pyQt and pyGame developers can develop desktop applets supporting GUI.

Web servers programming.

Using libraries like django and flask developers can do server side programming for web servers for backend development.


Python provides quick and rapid prototyping of any software models so that it can be presented to the clients.

Game development

Using libraries like pygame developers can develop games having GUI.

Data science and machine learning

By far the most used application of python is in data science and machine learning. With its strong community and vast libraries the data processing has become quite easy in python. Be it data manipulation, data visualization, data cleaning python has its own libraries for the same. If you have data that you must know python.

Image - Advantages and disadvantages of python - edurekaSo far we learnt about Applications of Python, let us continue with this article on advantages and disadvantages of Python,

Advantages Of Python

With the emerging python community and open source libraries python has grown into a complete software development package.

Driven By Vast And Active Community

Python has one of the most known and active community which helps them in continuous improvement of the python. No wonder it was the top ranked platform on stack overflow.
Python language is distributed under open source license which makes its development easy via open source contributions.

Learning Curve

With most of the programming languages their learning curves tends to grow parabolic with time that means it is hard to grasp early but as soon you become familiar with this language the learning becomes easy. But in case of python the learning is easy because of easy syntax and short hand writing.

Moving on with this article on advantages and disadvantages of Python,

Third Party Libraries

Standard python package installer (PIP) can help you install numerous modules that make python interactive. These libraries and modules can interact from internet protocols, operating system calls and many more.
You can do socket programming for networking and use os module for system calls that runs user level threads.

Integration With Other Languages

Integration libraries like Cython and Jython makes python integrate with c/c++ and java for cross platform development. This makes python even more powerful since we all know no language is complete and advisable to use single language for everything development. Every language has its own forte, so using these libraries you can enjoy powerful, features of each language.

Image - Advantages and disadvantages of python - edurekaProductivity

With python batteries included philosophy the developers get a head start without downloading separate modules and packages. Alongside python easy syntax and rapid prototyping the productivity increases nearly 40% as compared to traditional programming languages.


In comparison to different programming languages Python is the most broadly used via the developers currently. The critical Python language benefits are that it is easy to read and smooth to check and learn. It is less complicated to install packages and writing a software in Python than in C or C++. Some other benefits of Python programming is that no computer virus can originate a segmentation fault since there are no concepts of pointers or references in python.
An important advantage of Python language over traditional programming languages is that it has wide applicability and acceptance, and is appreciably utilized by scientists, engineers, and mathematicians. it is due to this that Python is so beneficial for prototyping and all kinds of experiments. It is also used at the same time as generating animation for films and in machine learning and deep learning.

Moving on with this article on advantages and disadvantages of Python,

Disadvantages Of python

We have seen the major advantages of the popular programming language Python. But we all know there are two sides of a coin!
Python has indeed several drawbacks too, that makes developers stay away from it. So let’s see one by one:-

Slow speed

Python uses interpreter that loads it line by line instead of compiler that executes the whole file at once. This makes compilation slower and tends to perform slowly. This is the major reason competitive programmers don’t use python. C++ provides more computation per seconds instead of python. Moreover this is why python is not extensively used in application development.

Error detection in codes

Since python uses interpreter the error in codes does not come up during code compiling. Python uses dynamically typed variables which makes testing more hectic. All these errors came out to be a run-time error which no developers want in their program. This makes python less usable for GUI applets developments.

Weak in mobile devices:

We have seen python in web servers and desktop applications along with scripts that its used for. But it is not considered favorable for mobile devices because it uses more memory and slow processing compared to other languages.

Moving on with this article on advantages and disadvantages of Python,

Large memory consumption

Python design structure is such that it uses large memory while processing as compared to other languages as C/C++. This makes Python a complete no no for development under tight memory restrictions.


The language is seen as a less suitable platform for cellular development and game development. It’s far frequently used on desktop and server, but there are the handiest several mobile packages that were used majorly with Python. Every other drawback Python has is the runtime errors. The language has a whole lot of design limitations .Python executes with an interpreter instead of the compiler, which speeds down the performance.

Lets look into the Final thoughts.

Final thoughts:

Although there are many disadvantages with python but we can clearly see that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by a fair margin. Every programming language has its own forte and areas of interest that developers tend to get excited about. Python has its own areas where it is being used extensively. Although in the areas like web development JavaScript is mainly used, similarly in game development unity or real engine is used. Python finds it usages in scripting, data processing, numerical mathematics and research.

This is it from my side!

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What are Important Advantages and Disadvantages Of Python?