Advanced Executive Certification Programs: A Game Changer In Online Learning

Published on Nov 11,2020 462 Views

Online learning, grocery, recipes, Zoom, Netflix and online games were some of the top searches that India Googled during the COVID-19 induced lockdown.

Edutech, e-commerce, entertainment, OTT, online collaboration tools, gaming, and MOOC (massive open online course) are some of the online industries that have been thriving during the pandemic due to their extensively massive digital presence. Data, Artificial Intelligence, Technology and Software Development, are set to be at the forefront of this change. 

Why Online Learning has Become the Need of the Hour?

Why Online Learning has Become the Need of the Hour-Advanced Executive Certification Programs-Edureka

The rise of online courses during the lockdown has also been unprecedented. Business schools are currently shut, the job market looks grim, the future looks uncertain. So, upskilling and pursuing online courses seems like a good idea. But you can’t just choose any course, can you? 

No! It has to be something valuable, that will be useful during and after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. That’s where we can help you, Edureka is a global online learning platform that offers an interactive learning experience, specializations, and Advanced Executive Certification Programs to students and working professionals. 

Edureka is Shaping the Online Learning Domain

Edureka is Shaping the Online Learning Domain-Advanced Executive Certification Program-Edureka

We are helping working professionals by making their dreams come true, learners who wish to upskill, to stay relevant or secure a better future for themselves. We have partnered with top-ranking IITs and NITs to launch its Advanced Executive Certification Programs for various trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Engineering, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, and Digital Marketing. 

Edureka’s Advanced Executive Certification Programs

EdurekaAdvanced Executive Certification Programs-Advanced Executive Certification Program-Edureka

Edureka’s Advanced Executive Certification Program is one-of-its-kind. Unlike other short-term certification courses available online, the Advanced Executive Certification Programme propels IT professionals towards growth in career and salaries, by enabling them to learn cutting-edge technologies in-depth. The short term module design of these programs enable learners to quickly complete the certification & add the skill sets to their portfolio at the earliest. We garnered much appreciation and witnessed a high interest when we introduced courses in Big Data Engineering and AI & ML last year, to test the response & interests of the IT professionals.

You don’t need to be on campus to get a top-notch education. Our partnerships with these top universities of India brings you a curated curriculum & an opportunity to learn from industry practitioners from the comfort of your home.

University & courses-Advanced Executive Certification Program-Edureka

Our courses are designed by industry veterans and professors from top universities. It includes:

  • Live & interactive classroom sessions
  • Industry practitioners as instructors
  • Real-time doubt clearing sessions
  • Lifetime access to course contents, assignments & more
  • 24×7 access to the subject matter expert
  • Dedicated personal learning manager
  • Tips on profile building and career mentorship 
  • Placement assistance services

Over 2,00,000 learners applied for the five courses launched under the program so far and there has been an increase in demand by 115% within the 6 months since the program has been launched.

Courses Offered 

Currently, we offer Advanced Executive Certification Programs in the following domains:


PG Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-Edureka

AI-ML is redefining our way of life, enabling machines to do what people once thought only humans could do. To help master the AI-ML domain, we launched the Post-Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning where you will get hands-on experience on tools like Google Colab (IDE), Jupyter Notebook (IDE), Seaborn, Matplotlib, Numpy, and Pandas.


  • 450+ Hours of Live Classes
  • 20+ Projects, 100+ Case Studies
  • 30+ Assignments

Big Data Engineering

Advanced Executive Program in Big Data Engineering-Edureka

In today’s data-oriented economy, Big Data plays a crucial role in the innovation and optimization of core business processes across industries. To help master the Big Data domain, we have launched an Advanced Executive Program in Big Data Engineering where you will get hands-on experience on tools like Spark, Scala, Hive, Kafka, Sqoop, Flume, HBase, Cassandra.


  • 450+ Hours of Live Classes
  • 20+ Projects, 100+ Case Studies
  • 30+ Practicals



Cybersecurity has become critical to the fabric of any modern business. As breach after breach hits the headlines, it’s clear to everyone that organizations need more professionals focused on Cybersecurity. To help master the Cybersecurity domain, we have launched an Advanced Executive Program in Cybersecurity where you will get hands-on experience on tools like Nmap, OpenVAS, BurpSuite, Dirbuster, Hashcat, John the Ripper, Aircrack-ng, Metasploit.


  • 400+ Hours of Intensive Learning
  • 21+ Assignments
  • 27+ Cyber Lab Practicals

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing-Edureka

According to IDC, by 2021, spending on Cloud Computing will be 60-70% inclusive of all software, services, and technology. The Indian cloud computing market has grown from $2.2billion in 2018 to $4billion in 2020. To help master the Cloud Computing domain, we have launched an Advanced Certification in Cloud Computing where you will get hands-on experience on tools like Python, Bash, Linux, Beanstalk, Lambda, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Glacier.


  • 450+ Hours of Live Classes
  • 5+ Assignments
  • Advanced Cloud Lab

Digital Marketing

PG Certification in Marketing with Specialization in Digital Marketing-Edureka

With 2 million jobs forecasted to be available by the beginning of 2021 in the UK alone and with the increased use of the internet, there’s never been a better time to start building your career in Digital Marketing. To help master the Digital Marketing domain, we have launched a PG Certification Program in Marketing with Specialization in Digital Marketing where you will get hands-on experience on Consumer Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Analytics, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing.


  • 150+ Hours of Live Classes
  • 15+ Marketing Tools, and 15+ Case Studies
  • Capstone Project

Come Learn With Us!

Certification Program-Edureka

So far, learners from over 150 countries have successfully upskilled themselves using our learning platform. We have also partnered with various organizations like Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Mphasis, Cognizant, Wipro, Accenture, Mindtree to upskill their workforce on a global scale. We have trained over 7,50,000 students & working professionals from India and other countries so far. 


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