A One-Stop Guide to Learning from Home

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With the lockdown in full sway because of the COVID-19 outbreak, most of our daily routines and habits are suddenly in a disarray. But this drastic change also means a new opportunity – we now have some additional time to work on ourselves and our skills. That’s why this is a good time to start learning from home and pick up knowledge that will be great for your career.

Tips to Make Your Learning from Home an Ideal Experience

Here are some tips to make sure that your learning experience at home is an ideal one:

  • Find a spot in your house that is great for concentration but make sure it’s also comfortable.
  • Create a learning schedule that helps you plan your day’s learning & manage your time.
  • Protect yourself from distractions by putting your phone on silent, closing your door and bidding Netflix goodbye (for some time at least).
  • Make it a habit to take notes while learning and keep them organized.
  • Set manageable goals every day, so that when you reach them, you feel like you have accomplished something.
  • Take regular breaks so that your mind is always fresh.

So, now that you have decided to start learning from home, it’s important to find the right resource that will help you do that. It’s very easy to find learning material on the internet but tougher to find the right ecosystem.

Looking for an Ideal Learning from Home Partner?

When you’re looking for the ideal learning partner, keep the following in mind:

  • Interactions are Important

    Passively watching a video is not the best way to learn. Interactive online classes where you can engage with the instructor will get your questions answered on the spot and help you learn better.
    Edureka offers live, online classes where you can interact with your instructor.

  • Instructor Pedigree Matters

    Not anyone can be a good teacher, especially when it comes to technologies. You need instructors with real-world industry experience who can help you focus on the most relevant topics.
    Edureka’s instructors come with a minimum of 8 years of industry experience.

  • Flexibility is the King

    Learning is demanding enough and you shouldn’t have to spend time figuring out complex schedules. You should be able to pick classes on the days and times that suit you the best.
    Edureka offers complete batch flexibility. You can pick classes on weekends or weekdays and at a time that works for you.

  • Support is Essential

    There’s no bigger barrier to learning than coming across a problem that leaves you stumped without a solution in sight. That’s why you need expert support on hand whenever you may need it – early in the morning or late at night.
    All Edureka courses come with 24×7 lifetime support from subject experts.  

  • Picking the Right Course is Crucial

    When you finally decide to start learning, you need to pick the right course. This means that you should learn something that’s good for your career and makes it future-proof.

Here are top 10 trending, future-proof technologies that you must learn in 2020.

    AWS - learning from home - Edureka

    1. AWS (Amazon Web Services)

    By far the most popular cloud platform in the world, top companies like Amazon, Wipro & Vodafone are hiring AWS professionals.

    Edureka recommends: AWS Architect Certification Training

    AI-ML - learning from home - Edureka2. AI & Machine Learning

    AI-ML professionals are in-demand in almost every single industry and earn annual paychecks as large as $111,000.

    Edureka recommends: E&ICT, NIT Warangal’s PG Program in AI-ML

    3. DevOpsDevOps - learning from home - Edureka

    Highly popular in software development, DevOps is being used in top companies like Citi, Dunzo and Facebook.

    Edureka recommends: DevOps Certification Training

    4. TableauTableau - learning from home - Edureka

    The most highly regarded analytics and business intelligence platform, Tableau professionals command annual salaries as high as $158,000.

    Edureka recommends: Tableau Certification Training

    5. PMP® Certification PMP - learning from home - Edureka

    Widely recognized by project management professionals, getting PMP® certified means being eligible for jobs in top companies like Walmart, Amazon & American Express.

    Edureka recommends: PMP® Certification Exam Training

    6. JavaJava - learning from home - Edureka

    Still the most widely used programming language on the planet, Java professionals are sought by top companies like Cisco, Oracle & Myntra.

    Edureka recommends: Java, J2EE & SOA Certification Training

    7. Python for Data SciencePython for Data Science - learning from home - Edureka

    One of the most well-paying technologies today, Python professionals earn an average annual salary of $117,000.

    Edureka recommends: Python Certification Training for Data Science

    8. RPA with UiPathRPA - learning from home - Edureka

    Today’s RPA professionals are using their skills to solve complex problems for top companies like IBM, Deloitte & EY.

    Edureka recommends: RPA Training using UiPath

    9. Microsoft AzureAzure - learning from home - Edureka

    One of the fastest-growing cloud platforms today, Azure professionals are in high demand in companies like Microsoft, Cognizant & Wipro.

    Edureka recommends: Microsoft Certified Expert: Azure Solutions Architect (AZ-300)

    10. Big Data HadoopHadoop - learning from home - Edureka

    Hadoop is accepted worldwide as one of the best tools to manage Big Data, and is used by companies like Target, Capgemini & PwC.

    Edureka recommends: Big Data Hadoop Certification Training

    We believe that you can transform this lockdown into a period of productive learning that will do wonders for your career. If you would like to start learning top trending technologies check out our courses here.

    Happy learning! 


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