Published on Jul 15,2015
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Were you one of those people who meticulously planned your study timings as a student? Do you jump at any opportunity to plan anything – like family functions or holidays? Or does your eyes light up when you are asked to do anything that involves a blend of budget, data, resources etc?

If you are saying ‘Yes’ to these questions, then you are born to be a project manager.

People with ingrained ability to become project managers, rise to the challenges of managing tasks, seeing to that it is completed even if he/she has to to wake up in the middle of the night, talk to someone strictly, yet effectively and is often given the responsibility of supervising.

You have innate abilities of a project manager!

At the risk of sounding philosophical, let’s just face it, life is one big project and all of us have been project managers at some point. The only difference being, there are second chances in life but not in the market. This makes Project Management a thrilling profession that is not just about papers, charts and meetings, but the adrenaline rush of having to drive a mammoth project towards unprecedented success.

6 signs you are meant to be a project manager:

Here are 6 signs that strongly indicate that you are born to do this:

  1. You have almost superhuman-like ability to focus on what’s important: Being a project manager means you will be surrounded by people, concerns, voices, constraints and literally everything distracting you and competing for your attention.
    In the book, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, renowned psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi estimates that we encounter approximately 40,000,000 elemental bits of sensory information that competes for our attention every day. Saying this, as a project manager you might encounter more distractions. This makes focus and judicious judgement of what is important and what is not, all the more important.
  1. You can inspire, encourage and guide people: Even if you have a utopian constraint-free environment for running the project, if you are guiding the people (read your priceless intangible resources) wrong, there is no way you can steer the project in the right direction. A project manager has to control yet not confine. Bringing together a team of people can be the most underestimated and the most daunting task, but absolutely necessary.
  1. You can adapt to change: This quality is often overlooked, but it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that adapting to changes might turn out to be more important than planning (the most obvious quality in a manager) when it comes to project management. A great project manager might come up with a flawless plan, but it takes a phenomenal project manager to adapt to changes when the plan starts to go downhill.
  1. Responsibilities make you feel like a Superman/Woman: If you can handle pressure, manage crisis and be ready to take ownership in case things don’t work out and have the fulfilment of seeing something you handled taking shape, then you are undoubtedly ready to get in to the nucleus of project management.
  1. You have a strong connection with your team: Projects are about people and teams, so good project leaders tend to be extroverted. Closed personalities can rarely transform to good communicators as and when the need arises. project management isn’t as much about paperwork and Gantt charts as it is about a message communicated effectively to the clients as well as have a good rapport with the people involved in the project.
  1. You have a knack for acquiring domain knowledge: While the importance of domain knowledge is still debatable, we would like to believe the age-old Chinese proverb, ‘A little extra knowledge never hurts.’ As a project manager, you will be working across different industries and if your mind is agile enough to learn how things go about in the industry you are working in and temporarily unlearn a little of your past experiences, you will be in a comfortable position as a project manager.

Our passion for anything is not restricted by our innate abilities. If you have made up your mind to be a project manager, the next step to take is to train yourself with the right skills.

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Nishant Shukla
Published on Jul 15,2015
Nishant Shukla heads the certification business at Edureka. He is a passionate business leader with over 2 decades of experience in Project Management.

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