Published on Jul 24,2015
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It was no surprise when Google updated its search algorithm in April 2015 supporting websites that were more mobile-friendly. As the roll-out progresses and websites are re-indexed, there are several sites still struggling to meet the rankings. With 48% of global active mobile users having search engines as the common starting point, what does the future has in store for you if your website isn’t optimized enough?

Keeping the current mobile search landscape in mind, here are some useful best practices that you must follow to keep your website ahead in mobile SEO:

#1 Get your site design right:

While building your website, keep in mind the different kinds of mobile devices and internet data plans that users might use to access your site. For instance, are you sure that your site is designed to accommodate users that are accessing it on a low-range smartphone with basic mobile data plan as well as those using an iPad on a 4g plan? Building an effectively responsive site design that quickly adapts to different browsers and devices also helps to a great extent.

#2 User experience is important:

This is a no-brainer – users who find an easy-on-the-eyes website taking too much time to load will quickly lose interest, moving on to other quickly loadable sites. Apart from a good overall site design, ensure that your website allows visitors to navigate within pages and view/download information with ease.

# 3 Use keyword tracking extensively:

Just like tracking keywords on Google is beneficial for you to match the right audience with your site, mobile keyword tracking is equally important to ensure that there is minimum variance between mobile and desktop search results pertaining to your site.

#4 Incorporate local search as well:

As mobile users get more tech savvy and increasingly opt for on-the-go searches, make sure that your site includes your location, company address and contact information to make it more discoverable by local users. For eg. if someone searches for an advertising solutions company near MG Road, Bangalore on her smartphone, and your company matches her requirements but your website does not indicate where it is located on MG Road, its phone number etc., you might miss out on that and several other potential customers.

#5 Separate mobile website:

A great alternative to keep up the mobile SEO game, if your time and resource constraints allow it, would be to have an entirely new and efficient mobile-friendly website altogether- which packs all the punch of your regular website and ensures that Google doesn’t ignore it in search rankings.

These best practices will help you nail the top rankings in the mobile-friendly space. But in all that hard work to make your site mobile-friendly, don’t forget to include awesome content to keep the visitors engaged :)

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