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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python

Last updated on Mar 14,2023 53.6K Views

Aayushi Johari
A technophile with a passion for unraveling the intricate tapestry of the... A technophile with a passion for unraveling the intricate tapestry of the tech world. I've spent over a decade exploring the fascinating world of...
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Top 10 Reasons To Learn Python

Programming languages have been around for ages, and every decade sees the launch of a new language sweeping developers off their feet. Python is considered as one of the most popular and in-demand programming language. A recent Stack Overflow survey showed that Python has taken over languages such as Java, C, C++ and has made its way to the top. This makes Python certification one of the most sought-after programming certifications. Through this blog, I will be listing down the top 10 reasons to learn Python.

Get ready to fall in love with Python!!

Below are the major features and applications due to which people choose Python as their first programming language:

  1. Python’s popularity & high salary
  2. Python is used in Data Science 
  3. Python’s scripting & automation 
  4. Python used with Big Data
  5. Python supports Testing
  6. Computer Graphics in Python
  7. Python used in Artificial Intelligence
  8. Python in Web Development
  9. Python is portable & extensible
  10. Python is simple & easy to learn

If you are planning to start your career in Python and wish to know the skills related to it, now is the right time to dive in, when the technology is in its nascent state.

Top 10 Reasons to Learn Python | Learn Python Programming | Edureka


Now, let me help you to understand these in more detail.

10. Simple & Easy To Learn

So at number 10, Python is extremely simple and easy to learn. It is a very powerful language and it closely resembles the English language!
So, what contributes to its simplicity? Python is

  • Free & open source
  • High-level
  • Interpreted
  • Blessed with large community

Furthermore, in Python, you don’t have to deal with complex syntax, you can refer to the below image:

comparison - top reasons to learn python - EdurekaIf you have to print ‘hello world’, you have to write above three lines whereas in Python, just one line is sufficient to print “hello world”. It’s that SIMPLE guys!

So the 10th reason lies in the simplicity of the code which makes the best suit for beginners.

9. Portable & Extensible

The portable and extensible properties of Python allow you to perform cross-language operations seamlessly. Python is supported by most platforms present in the industry today ranging from Windows to Linux to Macintosh, Solaris, Play station, among others.

Python’s extensibility features allow you to integrate Java as well as .NET components. You can also invoke C and C++ libraries.

8. Web Development

Web Development - reasons to learn python - EdurekaPython has an array of frameworks for developing websites. The popular frameworks are Django, Flask, Pylons etc. Since these frameworks are written in Python, its the core reason which makes the code a lot faster and stable. 

 You can also perform web scraping where you can fetch details from any other websites. You will also be impressed as many websites such as Instagram, bit bucket, Pinterest are build on these frameworks only.

7. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence - Reasons to learn Python - EdurekaAI is the next huge development in the tech world. You can actually make a machine mimic the human brain which has the power to think, analyze and make decisions.
Furthermore, libraries such as Keras and TensorFlow bring machine learning functionality into the mix. It gives the 
ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Also, we have libraries such as openCv that helps computer vision or image recognition.


6. Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics - Reasons to learn Python - EdurekaPython is largely used in small, large, online or offline projects. It is used to build GUI and desktop applications. It uses ‘Tkinter‘ library to provide fast & easy way to create applications.

It is also used in game development where you can write the logic of using a module ‘pygame’ which also runs on android devices.


5. Testing Framework

Testing - Reasons to learn Python - EdurekaPython is great for validating ideas or products for established companies. Python has many built-in testing frameworks that covers debugging & fastest workflows. There are a lot of tools and modules to make things easier such as Selenium and Splinter.
It supports testing with cross-platform & cross-browser with frameworks such as PyTest and
Robot Framework. 
Testing is a tedious task and Python is the booster for it, so every tester should definitely go for it!

4. Big Data

Big data - reasons to learn Python - EdurekaPython handles a lot of hassles of data. It supports parallel computing where you can use Python for Hadoop as well. In Python, you have a library called “Pydoop” and you can write a MapReduce program in Python and process data present in the HDFS cluster.

There are other libraries such as ‘Dask‘ and ‘Pyspark for big data processing. Therefore, Python is widely used for Big Data where you can easily process it!


3.  Scripting & Automation

Many people only knows that Python is a programming language, but Python can also be used as Scripting language. In scripting:

  • The code is written in the form of scripts and get executed
  • Machine reads and interprets the code
  • Error checking is done during Runtime

Once the code is checked, it can be used several times. So by automation, you can automate certain tasks in a program

2. Data Science

Data Science - Reasons to learn Python - EdurekaPython is the leading language of many data scientist. For years, academic scholars and private researchers were using the MATLAB language for scientific research but it all started to change with the release of Python numerical engines such as ‘Numpy’ and ‘Pandas’.

Python also deals with the tabular, matrix as well as statistical data and it even visualizes it with popular libraries such as ‘Matplotlib’ and ‘Seaborn‘. 

1. Python’s Popularity & High Salary

Python engineers have some of the highest salaries in the industryThe average Python Developer salary in the United States is approximately $116,028 per year

Also, Python has a strong spike in popularity over the last 1year. Refer the below screenshot taken from Google Trends.

Trends - Reasons to learn Python - Edureka

I hope my blog on “Top 10 reasons to learn Python” was relevant for you. To get in-depth knowledge on Python along with its various applications, check out our interactive, Python training in Faridabad that comes with 24*7 support to guide you throughout your learning period. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become a Python master. Enroll in our comprehensive Masters in Python and discover how to write code like a pro.

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python